was not Google

Text from 2004 or 2005

What is Google

You know what is Google. It's the world's best search engine on

(If you just look for Czech search engines, here is the list).

Now, till August 2006, works fine -- with Google content as you expect. was not

CZ is the top-level domain for Czech pages.

There was just a copy of a stupid page on URL till August 2006. Using of domain name was cybersquatting -- simple exploitation of name Google is an American company; none of them has probably had noticed problem.

The default setting of search form on didnť lead into search results, but only to some Czech search engine

Historical text

Now iťs OK. The rest of this page is just copy of an old text against exploitation.

This page is only informative

I don't hate the owner of site. I just want to say into the world: "hey, look here, this seems to be strange".

There is about 17 thousands of users per day on Not because any content, but just because this domain name.


In Slaný (near Prague), Feb 23 2004 (translation Jun 30), Dušan Janovský, Yuhů

Last update 09.02.2019.

Czech search engines

First of all, you can search on Google selecting Czech language in Google preferences. If you don't want to change your settings, simply add string bellow into your Google searching url:


For instance:

The biggest Czech pages like Yahoo (with searching): - about 60% of traffic from search engines - 6% - 2% has about 20%

Czech pure-search engines: - 1% of users

Other important sites: Czech dictionary (select "anglicko-český" as en2cs) maps bus and railway schedule

Some facts about Czech:

cz is the Czech top level domain

cs is the Czech language code

sk is both Slovak country and language (Czech Republic was a part of Czechoslovakia until 1992 with Slovak). Slovak language is very similar to Czech.

CR or ČR is a common short for Czech Republic as used by Czechs in written English. Not Costa-Rica.

Czech Republic is the part of EU since May 2004.

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This page describes that there were no relation between and Owner of just exploited profit of google-like domain name. This page informed Czech readers about Email janovsky[at] for more info.


Czech version of this page